Automatically Personal Features that save you time and help you stand out

Video + Data

Our beautifully designed dynamic video blueprints can seamlessly integrate your customers' data for an instantly personal connection.

Dynamic Emails

Give your emails a personal feel whether you're sending them to a hundred customers, a thousand, or just one.

How it Works

1. Connect your store to our platformOrderv connects to your eCommerce store to learn more about your customers.

2. Target your customersSelect groups of customers by order date, life time value, and much more!

3. Choose your videoFilm a video directly from our iOS app or use a video you've pre-recorded.

4. SendWe process and send your video to every customer you targeted!

Orderv's Features

Customer Targeting

Narrow in on exactly who you want to reach. All California customers who’ve spent over $300 and placed an order during your last promo? No problem!

Video Processing

Customize your videos. Add branded intros, outros and soundtracks. We handle the editing for you!

Video Blast

Want to send out a promo video? The Orderv app makes it just as easy to send to many customers as it is to just one.


We make it easy for your customers to leave you feedback. Looking for feedback on something specific? We let you customize the entire flow!


Drive return traffic to your site by embedding your Orderv video player on any page of your store.


See who's watching your videos, when, and where. Find out who's sharing on social media and identify your top customers!

Multi-User Support

The Orderv app is designed to support multiple users sending videos simultaneously.

Great Customer Service

Talk to us on how to best utilize our service for your unique position!


Have a question?

Orderv is a service that lets you communicate with your customers in a new way: video!

Your customers receive an email directly from your email address with a link the video.

You do! Our iOS app makes it fast and easy to film, edit, and send videos to your customers.

Yup! Our system can automatically edit the videos you film with intros and outros where you can add your logo, contact info, or showcase a product. We can also add a soundtrack!

Have more questions? Let us know what we can do for you!